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Did you know that Title 10 of the State Health Code mandates a Medical Equipment Management Program by virtue of Chapter V Section 711.2 that specifies NFPA-99 is a pertinent technical standard? The following are a few of the key elements:


8.5 Administration. Medical and surgical electrical instrumentation and monitoring devices, as well as electric appliances used for the care and entertainment of the patient, acquired for use by the facility (e.g., purchased, leased, donated, constructed onsite, loaned, etc.), shall meet the safety performance criteria of Chapter 10. Testing Intervals. All appliances used in patient care areas shall be tested in accordance with or before being put into service for the first time and after repair or modification. Patient-care-related electrical appliances shall be tested at intervals determined by their normal location or area of normal use, but not exceeding the intervals listed below:
  1. General care areas - 12 months
  2. Critical care areas - 6 months
  3. Wet locations - 6 months Servicing and Maintenance of Equipment. A scheduled preventive maintenance program shall be followed. Equipment shall be serviced by qualified personnel only. Documentation. A record shall be maintained of the tests required by this chapter and associated repairs or modifications.

Are you curious why some facilities don't get cited even though they may not have a Preventive Maintenance program in place? The D.O.H. current policy is not to routinely survey for compliance to this standard, unless there is an equipment related incident, but it is a requirement nonetheless. Can you really afford to wait? If your facility is not in compliance with any of the above, please call us to learn how we help bring your facility up to code, for pennies a day per bed.

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Our dedicated staff of biomedical engineers and management personnel, have many years of experience in ensuring regulatory compliance. Many of the most prestigious health care facilities in the tri-state area trust their medical equipment compliance programs to us, and not one facility has ever received an adverse citation.

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